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>Your home’s roof is your ultimate shield against the elements. If your roof has deteriorated due to age or damage, then you might want to consider a residential roofing replacement for your home in Omaha, Lincoln, Wahoo, Fremont NE and surrounding areas. Elite Exteriors can provide you with a new, high-quality roof that will last against both weather and time.

What Signs Indicate You Need a New Roof?

If you’re unsure whether your roof is ready for replacement, certain signs can help you identify the immediate issues. These signs include:

  • Damaged shingles: If you have an asphalt shingle roof, then any missing, cracked, or buckled shingles will indicate that repairs are necessary.
  • Droopy roofs: Roof rot can cause saggy roofs. Places to look for rot include the roof itself and roof supports underneath.
  • Water damage: If your roof has sustained a lot of weather damage over the years, then it often will leave behind stains and streaks. This can also indicate that water has leaked inside.

No matter the cause, allow the experts at Elite Exteriors to replace your roof and bring new life to your home.

What Can We Do for You?

When you need a roof replacement, we’ll evaluate your roof to ensure that replacement is the right course of action. If it is, we can discuss your roof replacement options and determine the best route forward.

Our roof replacement systems include class 4 roofing systems, which protect against intense weather like wind, rain, sunlight, and hail. With a certified replacement, you can have peace of mind in a new roof.

Trust in our years of experience, extensive certifications, and commitment to excellence to provide a quality job for your roof replacement. Whether you’ve had to deal with roof leaks, missing shingles, or a sagging roof, you’ll be able to put those worries away with the new roof we provide to you.

Call us now at (402) 330-2863 to discuss your next residential roofing systems replacement.

Your home is one of your biggest investments—maybe even the biggest—so it’s important that you take good care of it. And it’s not just about maintaining its appearance and resale value, but about boosting its curb appeal and making it a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live. One of the most effective ways to do this is to make sure your roof is in good working order. If the roof on your Omaha, Lincoln, Wahoo, Fremont Nebraska, home is sagging, leaking, rotting, or has just seen better days, it may be time to call the pros at Elite Exteriors for a roof replacement.

Professional Roofing Services

Elite Exteriors has been providing dependable roof replacement services to Omaha, Lincoln, Wahoo, Fremont homeowners for more than 28 years. As Certified roofing contractor, we are qualified to install top-of-the-line class 4 roofing systems, which will provide your home with the ultimate protection against wind, rain, sunlight, and other harsh weather conditions that can wreak havoc on your roof’s structural integrity. Moreover, our customers who have had issues with hail in the past will be happy to know that the class 4 roofs that we install are as close to “hail proof” as you can get. Boasting the highest impact resistance of any shingle roof on the market, these roofs are backed by a lifetime warranty and will provide your home with many years of protection.

Additional Benefits of New Roofing

In addition to safeguarding your home against the elements, a roof replacement can make your home more comfortable by improving energy efficiency. When you cut down on thermal transfer through the roof, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to maintain a consistent interior temperature in your home. Not only will this give your HVAC system a break and help prolong its life, but it could also translate to lower monthly heating and cooling bills.

To learn more about what a new roof can do for your home in the Omaha, Lincoln, Wahoo, Fremont area, or to schedule a free consultation to discuss your roof replacement needs, contact Elite Exteriors today.

“I would like to thank Elite Exteriors, and Bob Brennan especially, for the professional manner in which they handled the roofing and siding of our contract. All work was done in a very satisfactory way. I would recommend this company to our friends.”

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