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Roofing is a product that all homeowners need from time to time. Elite Exteriors offers a variety of options for your home’s roofing needs. We are experts on Omaha building code requirements and can assist in choosing the best roofing option for your home. All too often, roofing problems are discovered after leaking or other serious damage occurs. Periodic inspections can often uncover cracked, warped, or missing shingles, loose seams and deteriorated flashings, excessive surface granules accumulating in the gutters or downspouts, and other visible signs of roofing problems. Indoors, look for cracked paint, discolored plasterboard, and peeling wallpaper as signs of damaged roofing areas.

Leaking can result because some flashings have come loose or because a section of the roofing has been damaged. A roofing failure, however, is generally irreversible and results from improper installation or choice of materials, or from the installation of a roofing system inappropriate to the building. When choosing a full replacement for your Omaha roofing, our inspectors can help determine if your previous deck can handle the strain of new shingles or if it should be replaced.

The condition and lifespan of your roofing will depend on the type of roofing products you have, the effects of your local environment and the maintenance which the roof has received. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, asphalt shingles generally last 15-30 years; wood shingle/shakes, 10-40 years; slate, 30-100 years; metal roofing, 15-40+years. Roofing product manufacturers offer a variety of warranties on their products. Elite Exteriors can help you assess the best warranty option for your Omaha, Lincoln, Wahoo, Fremont home, including potential rebates or discounts from your insurance company.

The price of a new roof varies widely, depending on the material selected, the home itself, area of the country, local labor rates, time of year, and more. To get a good idea of the cost for your roofing project, allow our inspectors to give you an estimate. Keep in mind that cost is only one factor, and it must be balanced against the quality of the materials and workmanship. For each roofing material there are different grades – and corresponding prices. Plus, there are a variety of styles and shapes. Our Omaha Roofing professionals can help look at the full product range and make a choice based on your budget and needs. Within the roofing profession there are different levels of expertise and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on our roofing industry knowledge and quality workmanship.

Something to consider heavily when deciding on a new roof is the ventilation. If you live in an older home, it may not have the ventilation needed to prevent issues in your attic.

There are many different types of roofing ventilation. Each has its advantages and drawbacks:

  • Slant-Back Vents – Offer heavy- duty aluminum construction to provide ventilation for about 50sq inches.
  • Static Vents – The least expensive but only provides ventilation in the immediate area where they are installed.
  • Gable Vents – The wind must blow directly into one vent in order to get the air flowing across the attic and out the other vent.
  • Turbine Vents – Experience the same problems as the static vents but generate a greater airflow than the static vents.
  • Power Fans – They provide a high airflow. However, they take energy to operate so they create an ongoing expense. Also, fans controlled by a thermostat will usually operate only in the summer. These fans do nothing to remove the moist air that gets in the attic during cold months.
  • Ridge Vent – Allows outside air to flow naturally upward and out of the attic. The low profile look blends into the shingles on the ridgeline and will not compress when it’s nailed down.


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