DIY Home Spring Cleaning Items

Apr 15, 2014

Spring is approaching in Omaha, and with this change of season often comes a desire to spring clean our homes after a long winter. Sometimes, as a homeowner, it’s difficult to know where to start and what’s most important for the long-term maintenance of your home. Here are a few easy DIY home maintenance items for your home this spring:

  • Wash the vinyl siding. There are a few different ways to wash the vinyl siding on your home. Washing siding will not only keep the exterior of your home looking clean, but will great rid of mold and mildew that can often grow in humid Omaha weather. Before cleaning your home’s siding, check for the siding manufacturers’ recommendation on how to clean your homes siding.
  • Caulk your windows. Properly caulked windows are the first defensive to seal off air leaks and moisture. Making sure windows are properly caulked will help prevent against high energy bills and extreme weather. You’ll need caulk, a caulk gun and a dry day (which can be challenging with Omaha humidity).
  • Check roof ventilation and insulation. In an Omaha climate – with very hot summers and very cold winters – roof ventilation serves to regulate temperature in all climates. During the winter, ventilation maintains a cold roof temperature, avoiding ice dams created by melting snow and to vent any moisture that moves from the living space to the attic. During the summer, it expels hot air from the attic or roof to reduce the building’s cooling load and to relieve the strain on air-conditioning systems. Roof insulation helps keeps this temperature steady and constant, but make sure the insulation is covering your soffit vents when checking the attic. Checking that roof ventilation and insulation are working appropriately is good for energy savings and your family’s comfort.

If you’re looking for spring cleaning jobs for your Omaha home, these items are the perfect place to start. And, as always, if you have any questions about these DIY items or you think you may need new siding, windows or roofing work, our experienced contractors are here to help.

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