Roofing soffit vents

Clogged soffit vents Attic vents is an important thing for your roof. Roof decking needs circulation. This will also help with the life of the roofing products. Here is a picture of a soffit vent that looks good on the outside but on the screen …

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Protect Your Home During Nebraska’s Intense Summer

Summer has finally arrived in Omaha! You know what that means in Nebraska; baseball in the backyard, neighborhood barbecues, and extreme heat! While you’re enjoying summer activities, keep in mind that there are seasonal damages that can happen to your home… Having updated windows, doors, …

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Choosing the Shingle Colors

Shingle Colors As you prepare to have a new roof installed, it may seem to be a long and complex task. But, it’s important to remember how important this process is, since it will directly affect what may be your largest single investment – your …

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Hail Season is just around the Corner

Spring in Nebraska means storms that can be very damaging to your home. Check out this video below that shows one person’s backyard during an extreme hailstorm. If you have any storm damage or need someone to come out and look for potential damage on …

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