How to Find a Trusted Roofer After a Storm Hits in the Omaha, NE, Area

Roofer Omaha NE If your roof was damaged in a storm, your next step will be to find a trusted roofer to restore your roof to a stormproof and protective state. To ensure that you choose a company that is more than capable of attending to all your needs, it may be advantageous to choose a roofer that can fortify your home from the weather typical of the Omaha, Nebraska, area, is recognized by manufacturers, and has taken the additional steps to become accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

To begin, it’s important to choose a roofer that has a unique understanding of how to prevent damage from the harsh weather patterns we often experience in Omaha, NE. They should provide top-of-the-line roofing products that protect against all types of damage seen from storms, including water damage, rips in the shingles from high-speed winds, cracks in the roof from year-round temperature fluctuations, and dents from hailstones.

In addition to understanding the unique needs of our area’s homeowners, a roofer should also be certified by the manufacturers of the products they provide. Certification from the brands they install can show that they have mastered efficient installation techniques and have taken the time and effort to fully understand the ins and outs of the products they offer.

Finally, receiving accreditation from the BBB is another step a trustworthy roofer should take, as there are many companies that do not do so. When you find accredited companies, be sure to also find out if they have impressive ratings.

To work with a roofer that meets all of these criteria, look no further than Elite Exteriors. We have received an A+ rating from the BBB for our exceptional service, are certified by our manufacturers, and have been serving the Omaha, NE, region since 1995. We are the roofer you can trust to take care of any damage to your roof caused by a storm.

“We were very happy with the siding and roof that Elite Exteriors installed. The work crews were very courteous and cleaned up carefully when the job was complete.”

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“Elite Exteriors was recommended by a painting company contractor. What a GREAT find! Their treatment of us was very professional. The roofing and vinyl siding was done extremely well and in a faster speed than expected.”

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