Why It’s Important to Install a Weather-Resistant Roof on Your Home in the Omaha, NE, Area

Roof Omaha NEIf you’ve made the decision to install a new roof on your home, it’s important to choose roofing products that can contribute to the long-term protection and curb appeal of your property. This is why meeting with representatives from dependable roofing companies serving the Omaha, Lincoln, Wahoo, Fremont Nebraska, area is a smart idea, so they can walk you through roof options made from resilient materials and that are characterized by weatherproof features that can help keep your family safe and dry inside your home.

Whether you want a roof made of asphalt, metal, or any other roofing material, you should discuss how these materials stack up against hailstorms, high-speed winds, and torrential rainfalls. Some roofing products available in the Omaha, Lincoln, Wahoo, Fremont NE, area have a class 4 impact rating that protect against devastating hailstorms that can otherwise dent or crack roofs. Certain companies will also affix their roofing products to homes with a waterproof sealant, which can help prevent water damage that could lead to leaks or deteriorate the adhesion of the shingles to the roof. And, since we see extreme temperature fluctuations in this region, from sweltering summers to frigid winters, there are products to consider that withstand harsh weather year-round.

If it’s also important to have a roof that speaks to your style, make sure you choose beautiful, rich shades that will retain their vibrancy for many years. Shingles get their color from tiny granules, and with subpar products, they can become loose and fall off over time. With the right products, the granules will stay affixed to the shingle and can also act as a protective layer against the elements. So, despite damaging sun rays and harsh weather conditions, you can have a roof that will resist fading.

For a weather-resistant, waterproof roof that protects against storms while also remaining aesthetically pleasing, turn to the expert roofing contractors at Elite Exteriors. We can offer you stylish, resilient roofing products for your home in Omaha, Lincoln, Wahoo, Fremont NE, or another surrounding city.

“I would like to thank Elite Exteriors, and Bob Brennan especially, for the professional manner in which they handled the roofing and siding of our contract. All work was done in a very satisfactory way. I would recommend this company to our friends.”

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